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Compact, efficient and flexible solutions with reduced energy consumption

Livetech is an Italian company located in Monticello D’Alba, specialized in the engineering and production of complete primary and secondary packaging systems, palletizing systems, and chocolate moulding lines. The LTL-3F e SERIES with multi carrier system offers a flexible and efficient solution based on the PacDrive 3 platform, able to form, fill and close boxes in a very compact design.

Solution implementation and benefits

The multi carrier system allows to optimize the operating cycles of the main elements of the machine. The basic operations of the machine can be made independent: forming, filling, and closing can be performed, for example, with different numbers of boxes. Each operation is performed with an optimized cyclic in such a way we can guarantee the required performance by reducing the efforts on the mechanics and increasing the useful life of the components subject to wear.

LTL-3F e SERIES with multi carrier system
Customer Objectives
  • Forming, filling and closing of boxes in a very compact design, with reduced footprint.
  • Quick and easy format change over thanks to the multi carrier system.
  • Very flexible in case of new additional formats.
  • Reduced electrical consumption thanks to energy recovery system in decelerations.

The Schneider product range offers a single platform that facilitates and speeds up Livetech's programming times and makes project management very quick. Even the final customer therefore finds himself operating on an easy-to-manage system.

Luciano Vacchetta, Automation Department Manager, Livetech