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Smart performance for demanding pharmaceutical products with PacDrive3

Romaco is a leading international supplier of machinery and integrated system solutions for the development, production and packaging of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, cosmetic and chemical products. The new MicroRobot 50 micro-dosing machine is Romaco Macofar’s high-tech and flexible solution for filling high potency & cytostatic powders and liquids.

Solution implementation and benefits

Automation of the MicroRobot 50 micro-dosing machine is fully realized with Schneider Electric's dedicated PacDrive 3 packaging architecture technologies. With great flexibility and capability, PacDrive technologies enable Romaco to tailor machine performance to the exact needs of the customer and to adopt innovative automation strategies.

  • Complete ability to adapt to customers' needs
  • Robot with “zero loss“ logic
  • Total automation of procedures
MicroRobot 50 robots powder filling and rubber stoppering stations
Customer Objectives
  • Satisfy customers' complex operational needs
  • Ability to handle high-value powders and substances in a sterile environment and in complete safety
  • Make efficient and sustainable machines

What´s the major advantage of the Schneider Electric solution / of Schneider Electric services in this case?

“Solutions of such high complexity and cost require a high innovation capacity, which can only arise from a continuous collaboration between OEM and technology & expertise provider. In this sense, Schneider Electric is a valuable strategic partner in achieving the results our customer’s demand.”

Fabrizio Castellari, Engineering & R&D Director of Romaco