Success Stories

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Automatic tube filling machine for effervescent tablets, filling up to 60 tubes / minute

The Company SÖHNEL was founded over 40 years ago with the idea to provide machines for the packaging of tablets and other solid objects in tubes.

Our experience in this area has made us become a trustable source of customized solutions for our clients’ problems concerning handling, transport and packaging of their products.

We are now one of the leading companies in our product section worldwide.

Solution implementation and benefits

In collaboration with Schneider Electric and its new multi carrier system, we engineered a machine that is low maintenance in contrast to a purely mechanical solution.

Also less carriers are needed, because the carriers run independent from each other and adapt to the actual situation.

A format change can be down mostly without tools and a press of button, thanks to the HMI and the implementation of Schneider Electrics servo motors and the programmable multi carrier system

Customer Objectives
  • Mid-tier machine of our portfolio, which ranges from 20 to 240 tubes / minute machines
  • Works with exchangeable format parts
  • Easy and fast format change
  • Compact
  • HMI for machine operation

Schneider Electric is our partner for everything automation for years and their innovative multi carrier design made this new machine possible.

Lothar Möschle, CEO, Söhnel Maschinenbau GmbH