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Wraparound case packing machinery WSR 500 / WSR 500 DUO

Founded in 1996 with the scope of manufacturing differentiated machinery by developing innovative projects and providing automation services for the companies operating in industrial area, VERVO Advanced Packaging Technologies has been providing services in secondary packaging and end of line automation systems since 2010. VERVO follows the latest trends in the world and provides the most suitable and innovative solutions for the unique secondary packaging process needs of the companies for already packaged products.

As VERVO Advanced Packaging Technologies, we work with leading companies of the industry including food services, chemistry, cosmetics, personal care products and fast-moving consumer goods which are intense in terms of secondary packaging applications such as boxing/case packing. For improving productive activities of the company, increasing production rates and profitability to higher levels, we offer Case/Box Erectors, Robotic Case Loading Systems, Case Closers, Compact Case Packing/Boxing Machinery for different case types “Wraparound, Tray, Tray&Lid, Robotic Palletizing Systems and Conveyor Solutions” with our qualified teams in design to software in our 5,000 m2 indoor facility located in GEPOSB.

Solution implementation and benefits
  • Virtual and flexible operation and shorter engineering time by PacDrive Motion Controller.
  • Saving cabinet size and manufacturing time by the LXM62.
  • Energy efficiency and maximum performance by EcoStruxure Machine solutions.
  • Quick service response
  • Worldwide service/product network
Wraparound case packing machinery WSR 500 DUO
Customer Objectives
  • High speed machine (Up to 600 ppm)
  • Easy change format parts
  • Mix product case (WSR 500 DUO)
  • Learning machine

VERVO offers advanced packaging technologies to the food, personal care, cosmetics and FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industries. VERVO, which provides services in secondary packaging and end-of-line automation systems, offers the most appropriate and innovative solutions to its customers by following the latest trends and technological developments in the world.

In this direction, VERVO, by integrating the high-level products of Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Machine solutions into its machines and systems, made its operations 2 times more efficient. In addition to using energy up to 40% more efficiently, maintenance and downtime are minimized.

Thanks to the EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor augmented reality solution, Ecostruxure Secure Connect Advisor secure remote connection solution, Exostruxure Machine Advisor cloud-based service solution, PacDrive Motion Controller, Lexium Delta Robot and Motion Control solutions used within the scope of the project, VERVO reduces costs in the competitive secondary packaging market, while reducing costs in the competitive secondary packaging market. able to respond to their needs more quickly.

The panel area is reduced by half, while the efficiency is doubled to achieve maximum performance and energy efficiency with EcoStruxure Machine solutions. It provides advantages such as faster time to market of machines and systems and continuous optimization during operation. PacDrive Motion Controller and EcoStruxure Machine Expert provide the company with a virtual and more flexible working opportunity.

Remote access to the machines is provided much faster by Ecostruxure Secure Connect Advisor, thus saving time in after-sales service times.

Using augmented reality technology, EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor has made machine maintenance processes much safer and faster. Operators save time by opening the machine cabinet virtually without having to work manually. They can also identify and resolve problems virtually without having to physically work on dangerous machines. Thanks to the modular structure of the PacDrive Family, the electrical panel can be placed inside the machine chassis and offers easy fault detection and solution.

Ecostruxure Machine Advisor provides a broad view on machine performance and health, makes it easy to distribute resources effectively with online visual tracking of your machines in different locations, and makes machine management easier.

Bora Karaosmanoğlu, Marketing Director, Vervo